How to book a taxi in the UK?

Published April 19, 2024

Taxis are the most convenient transport option for traveling in the UK. Whether you want to travel to the airport, railway station, hotel, or anywhere else, a taxi is an efficient mode of transport. It is budget-friendly as well as time-saving to travel via taxi. If you are a visitor or local traveler and don’t know how to book a taxi in the UK, you come to the right place. In this guide, we explore different options for taxi booking. Dive in depth to learn easy taxi booking methods. 
How to book a taxi in the UK

5 ways to book a taxi in the UK

There are many ways to book a taxi in the UK according to personal ease level. Whether you like the traditional method or modern taxis, all are accessible here to serve you. 

Phone booking

The most convenient taxi booking method is to book a taxi via a phone call. Different local taxi companies provide a phone number for booking. They require essential information like your pickup and drop-off location, date, and time. Moreover, you will also provide other details about the number of passengers, luggage, or other assistance you need. Your booking confirmation with driver details will be shared with you via message. 

Mobile Apps

Different mobile apps are available for taxi booking in the UK. Uber, Ola, Bolt, and many other popular companies have their mobile applications for ride-booking via smartphone. Download the app, create an account, and attach your payment method. Then, select the vehicle type and final destination at a particular time. These apps enable you to check the estimated arrival time and driver details. Meanwhile, you also have the option to track the taxi on the map from your smartphone.


Another way to book a taxi in the UK is through a website. Various taxi companies have their websites for online booking or pre-booking of taxis. You just have to open the website and fill out the form. For example, if you open the website of Manchester Airport Trips, you will need to provide your pickup and final destination, along with the time and date. Then select your vehicle type and pre-book your taxi. A confirmation email confirms your taxi booking. 

Street Hailing

The most common and traditional way of taking a taxi from the street in the UK. These taxis are available on the roadside in the busiest cities, like London, Manchester, etc. Yellow lights on these street taxis indicate that they are accessible to hire. For booking these cabs, you just communicate with the taxi driver about your destination point and fix the rates. 
One thing to note while booking a street taxi is to check the transparency of the taxi and hire a licensed driver. The best point about traditional black cabs is that you do not need to pre-book your taxi when you are in a hurry. However, it may charge more than the pre-booked taxis. If you have time, prefer to pre-book your ride rather than street hailing.

Hotel Staff

If you are staying in a hotel, contact the hotel staff to book a taxi. Provide your drop-off location and the taxi choice according to the number of passengers. Hotel staff contact reliable, designated taxi companies for smooth and comfortable travel. 

Different Types of Taxis in the UK

The following are the most common types of taxis available in the UK.

Private hire taxi 

Private-hire taxi companies offer minicabs, cars, and 8-seater vans. There are many advantages to pre-booking private-hire taxis. First, passengers can pre-book their taxis in multiple ways, i.e., by phone call, mobile app, or website. Moreover, it protects against the hassle of taxi availability at the peak demand hours. You can also get extra facilities, like wheelchairs or baby seats, according to your requirements. In addition, it is quite an easy and reliable procedure to pre-book a private-hire taxi. Always book taxis from reputable taxi companies to avoid scammers. 


Uber is a known online ride-sharing company that connects riders and drivers through its mobile app. For booking, you download the Uber app onto your smartphone and create an account. Set up your pick-up location and destination address. Choose the taxi options that suit your standards and budget, and confirm your ride. Once your booking process is done, driver and cab information will also show up on the app. You can also track the taxi location and fare details in the Uber app. 

Traditional taxi

Black cabs are the traditional taxis available in the cities of the UK. These cabs are available in various colors and are operated by the local authorities. They have licensed drivers and fare meters to calculate the charges. These taxis are hailing in the street and display yellow lights for booking. Traditional taxis are a convenient source of regional travel in the UK. 


Overall, there are numerous options for taxi booking according to personal preference. No matter which method you choose to book a taxi in the UK, all are convenient and genuine. You can follow any type of taxi booking method, whether modern or traditional. I hope the article “How to book a taxi in the UK” helps you book your next ride. Stay connected for other interesting blogs. 

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