All you need to know about Piccadilly Station Manchester

Published November 13, 2023

Piccadilly Station is a railway station in southeast Manchester, England. It is one of the busiest train stations that provides services across various destinations in the UK. Over the years of transformation, it has become the best architecture and iconic structure in Manchester. With modern facilities and fast services, it plays a crucial role in the Manchester transportation framework. It has 14 terminals that offer great choices for passengers for traveling. Due to its direct connectivity with the center of Manchester, it acts as a bridge for travelers. Besides Manchester, it is the gateway to the rapid transport of an entire region. From London to Edinburgh and Bournemouth to Reading, it covers almost all major regions of the United Kingdom. Manchester Piccadilly station also has a connection with Metrolinks that enhances its accessibility.

Advance ticketing with manual ticket counters is available at each station. The station is accessible 24 hours a day with many amenities like lifts, wheelchairs, and luggage carts. Broad parking areas, well-assisted travel launches with free Wi-fi, and special assistance for families make traveling convenient for commuters. Meanwhile, numerous shopping and food outlets entertain travelers with stunning items. Let’s dive deep to learn about Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Things To Know About Piccadilly Station Manchester

There are a lot of intriguing aspects to the Piccadilly Circus Station. Apart from its transportation significance, it is known for its diverse history, beautiful landmarks, and dynamic functionality. Meanwhile, its central location and multiple connections make it the best transport platform in Manchester. Following are the remarkable figures that you need to know about Piccadilly Station.

      Historical Background

In 1842, a new railway station named “London Road Station” was formed. Two renowned companies, Manchester and Birmingham Railway, established it and started to provide transport services. At the start, it just served between Manchester and London. After years of progress, it gained more popularity. Due to the transportation hub, it started to serve across the many linked cities. In 1960, its name changed to Manchester Piccadilly, raising its local significance. Due to overcrowding and high demand, its areas and platform expanded periodically. Meanwhile, numerous development programs are working to meet the current demand from travelers.


Piccadilly Station in Manchester blends the pretty architecture of historic and modern culture. The Victorian red brick buildings display a glimpse of rich heritage. Meanwhile, Victorian canopies that combine iron and glass provide an impressive aesthetic vibe. Iconic glass furnishings give the station a more sleek and modern look. The superb interior design, art, and creative layout add the best architectural ambiance. Due to diverse cultures and old history, it plays a vital role in films and drama-making. Consequently, terminal distinctive and notable architecture attracts people from all around the world.


14 different terminal platforms offer train services for different destination points.

Terminals 1-4: Usually offer service for Sheffield, New Mills, Hope Valley Line, and many other northern areas.

Terminals 5-9: These terminals are the largest terminal that offers services towards northern areas and the Manchester Airport.

Terminal 10-12: These terminals are small and accommodate the local area trains and coaches.

Terminal 13-14: It serves towards Yorkshire, Liverpool Lime Street, and many other areas of Northwest England.


It offers a wide range of amenities that add convenience and comfort for passengers. These are some distinctive and supreme facilities designed to enhance the user experience for commuters.

     Station opening with ticket information: The station opens for 24 hours, except Sunday from 1 to 5 pm. The station has proper ticket counters where you can buy tickets or get any information about the train schedules.

     Waiting sites with restrooms: There are comfortable seating arrangements in the waiting area where passengers can take a rest before traveling on the train.

     Toilets with baby changing: Numerous free-of-cost toilet services are here for both men and women. Meanwhile, special baby changing rooms assist the families.

     Accessibility: For special travelers, there are many elevators, lifts, ramps, and resting areas.

     WiFi: In current days, WiFi is a basic need for everyone. Therefore, Piccadilly Station also offers free wifi service for its travelers.

     Luggage storage with trolleys: It also offers baggage storage where you can temporarily store your luggage. While baggage-carrying trolleys are accessible throughout the station.

     Digital informational screens: There are numerous screens displayed for sharing the latest information and updates about the train arrival, departure, or any other services. Thus, passengers remain up-to-date with the latest schedules of the trains.

     Cafes and restaurants:  Famous food brands such as Burger King, Boots, Starbucks, WH Smith, The Mill Bar & Kitchen, etc. offer a range of food for kids and adults. A variety of cafes and beverage shops are there.

     Shopping: There are a variety of shops and boutiques where you can explore anything of interest.

     Emergency Assistance: To deal with emergencies, there are proper first aid services and well-trained staff. So in any emergencies, the staff is here to serve you.

     Lost property: At the train station and on the train, all lost luggage is claimed by the property loss office and train operating companies. So, you can contact and ask about lost luggage with them. 

     ATM and bank: For currency exchange and transactions, there are banks and ATMs.

     Parking: If you’re with your car, you can safely park in the short- and long-term parking areas. APCOA manages the car parking at the station. Along with the car parking, cyclists also park their cycles in the cycle storage racks.

     Transport rental services: Just at the main entrance, numerous companies offer the best rental services for bicycles, cars, taxis, etc.

     Transport Links: Due to the intertwining of the Manchester Metrolink, it offers a convenient connection with Manchester and far away areas. Therefore, people have direct access to the Manchester Piccadilly train station.

Final Thought

In general, Piccadilly Station is the best train station in Manchester that provides a good transportation point for passengers. If you want to go to Manchester Airport or other UK cities, you can obtain the supreme train services from here. It fulfills all essential passenger facilities and convenience levels that are necessary for traveling. Travelers always praise its aesthetic architecture, diverse heritage, and superior services. I hope you have learned a lot about Manchester Piccadilly Station. Stay with me for another blog. 

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